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Plumber Family Park Phase 1Background Information

The City of Edwardsville's Parks and Recreation Department, is dedicated to the provision of parks and park properties, and leisure and active recreation programming, that will promote the general health, welfare, and personal development of the citizens of the Edwardsville community.

Mission & Intent

It is the intent of the Parks and Recreation Department, to provide multi-faceted sports and leisure recreation which is in keeping with the needs and desires of those citizens which we serve. It is also the department's intent to improve, expand, increase, and develop park properties and facilities which will provide the framework from which to build those recreation programs.

Quality Service

Finally, it is the department's desire to improve the quality of services which we have to offer, while seeking to provide our citizens with the opportunity to enjoy and benefit from the leisure time that is available to them. We strive to provide all parks and recreation services that our community requires and desires, for the present and future of our ever-expanding, ever-changing community. In doing this, we hope to improve the quality of life, and the welfare and personal development of the citizens we serve.