City Council

The City of Edwardsville is divided into seven wards (see map, below). Pursuant to a provision in Illinois law, several years ago, the voters decided to reduce the size of the City Council and have only one alderman per ward. Without that mandated change by the voters, the statute requires that there be two such representatives for each of the seven areas of the City. 

All elected officers of the City of Edwardsville serve four-year terms. The aldermanic terms are staggered, with elections held every two years during odd-numbered years. Four aldermanic seats were open in 2023, for instance.

To contact your alderman, please reference the ward map and then the applicable contact information on this page. To send an email to all aldermen collectively, please email

Other Elected Seats

In addition to the seven aldermanic seats, there are two other elective positions: the mayor and city clerk. Like the aldermen, the individuals holding these offices serve four-year terms. Collectively, the mayor and aldermen are often identified as the corporate authorities. While the mayor votes only in cases of a voting tie of the City Council, the city clerk has no voting powers and does not enter into formal debate or deliberation unless specific input is approved by the mayor, who chairs City Council meetings.

Meeting Details

DAYS: First and third Tuesdays of each month

TIME: 7 p.m.

LOCATION: City Hall, 118 Hillsboro Avenue, Edwardsville

Agendas & Minutes

Agendas are available prior to the meetings. Minutes are available following approval.

View Most Recent Agendas and Minutes

(Meeting dates, times and locations are subject to change. Click here to confirm details.)

  1. Edwardsville-7075-Edit - Farrar

    Chris Farrar

    1st Ward Alderman

  1. Hal Patton

    Hal Patton

    2nd Ward Alderman

  1. Miracle Photo

    Andrea Miracle

    3rd Ward Alderman

  1. Edwardsville-5157-Edit - Morrison

    SJ Morrison

    4th Ward Alderman

  1. Edwardsville-5135-Edit - Krause

    William Krause

    5th Ward Alderman

  1. Edwardsville-5153-Edit - Warren

    Jennifer Warren

    6th Ward Alderman

  1. Edwardsville-5168-Edit - Grant

    Elizabeth Grant

    7th Ward Alderman

Ward Map

To view a PDF of the City ward map that can be enlarged, click here.

To see other City maps please visit here.