City Clerk

The Office of City Clerk

Generally, the primary statutory responsibility of the clerk is to keep and maintain the official records for the city government. Of specific importance are the minutes of the council meetings and all the ordinances, other documents and papers considered by the council. 

Other Duties

The clerk in this community also serves as comptroller. Although annual external audits are required and performed by certified accounting firms, the comptroller ensures the proper receipt, distribution and collection of city funds and is of significant assistance in the budgetary process.


The “collector” is a separate non-elective position and is subject to annual appointment by the mayor. There is nothing in statute or local ordinance that requires the collector appointment be given to the clerk. A separation of job duties by title was done through ordinance changes in recent years to better reflect what is and is not the statutorily prescribed duty of a clerk. 

It is the position of city clerk that is the elective post. However, the incumbent city clerk coincidentally serves as the collector for the City of Edwardsville and is, therefore, responsible for the payments owed by the city and even more specifically the collection of debts owed to the municipality including those related to the water and waste water services. The Office of City Clerk also disburses payroll for the municipality.

Additional Requirements

In addition to the requirements inherent to the basic position, the Edwardsville City Clerk traditionally serves as a regional deputy registrar for the Illinois Department of Public Health. Through the certification process, the deputy registrar records births and deaths for a defined portion of Madison County that includes the Edwardsville, Glen Carbon, Wood River, Collinsville, Maryville and Highland areas.