Food Trucks


Thank you for choosing the City of Edwardsville as a destination for your food truck!

The City Council recently amended its Codified Ordinances governing the operation of mobile food trucks within the City of Edwardsville.  Food trucks that are properly permitted and licensed by Madison County and the City of Edwardsville are now able to operate in more places with expanded hours.

Licensed food trucks may operate on private commercial property and serve the community at three of the City's parks.  Food trucks are still prohibited from operating on private property in a residential district but may operate in a residential district as part of a City-approved Block Party(form) or City-operated event.

Food trucks may also operate on City property or public right-of-way owned by the City of Edwardsville in a commercial or manufacturing district.  In addition, food trucks may operate in the following public parks or on City of Edwardsville owned right-of-way immediately adjacent to the following public parks - Leclaire Park, Glik Park, and City Park.

The City also requires food trucks to complete an online location registration form (FOOD TRUCK LOCATION NOTIFICATION) describing the location and hours of operation at least 24 hours prior to selling from any permitted site in the City.  Food trucks may only operate in the same location four (4) times per month and are restricted to the hours of 7:00 a.m. to 2:00 a.m..  However, food trucks may operate on an unlimited basis, 24-hours per day in the M-1 Light Manufacturing District. 

Food Truck Documents