Aldermanic Committees

The City Council - Aldermen

The council is divided into four standing committees: the administrative and community services committee, the finance committee, the public safety committee and the public services committee). Each committee consists of three members (two members and a chair) who are appointed at the discretion of the mayor. Seniority is often, but not necessarily considered in these appointments.

The Administrative & Community Services Committee

The administrative and community services committee (commonly known as the ACS Committee) provides a liaison between the council and many of the city’s boards and commissions. The ACS committee also has certain oversight responsibilities specifically related to the department of public works’ functions of planning and zoning. 

Other duties of this committee include oversight of matters pertaining to municipal property and building maintenance.

Committee Members

  • Elizabeth Grant, Chair
  • Will Krause
  • Jack Burns
  • Staff Liaison, Steve Stricklan (618-692-2333)

The Finance Committee

The finance committee generally oversees all matters of purchasing, spending, bonding, taxing and other financial issues including the budget process. Major expenditures are often screened in advance by the finance committee even if the expenses have already been approved through the budget. 

The budget process, of course, affects every operation and function of city government. This makes the finance committee’s duties very challenging when funds are sometimes limited and decisions often impact the likelihood that established and identified priorities can be met.

Committee Members

  • Jack Burns, Chair
  • S. J. Morrison
  • Chris Farrar
  • Staff Liaison, Shelly Johnson (618-692-7511)

The Public Safety Committee

The public safety committee of the city council oversees matters related to the police, fire, emergency medical and disaster preparedness powers of the municipality. This committee is charged with suggesting effective and efficient improvements in the operations of the respective operations including, but not limited to personnel levels. 

Although they have no influential authority in board decisions, the committee serves as a liaison to the city’s board of fire and police commissioners. That independent board is charged by Illinois law with hiring, disciplining and promoting law enforcement officers and fire fighters.

Committee Members

  • Chris Farrar, Chair
  • Will Krause
  • Andrea Miracle
  • Staff Liaison, Anna Roseman (618-692-7574)

The Public Services Committee

The public services committee of the city council is generally charged with overseeing the operations of the city’s utilities and street maintenance functions. Unlike many local governments, the City of Edwardsville operates its own water production and distribution and waste water collection systems. The committee also oversees the relationship between the city and the private electric and natural gas utilities. 

Furthermore, the panel will occasionally find it necessary to review and recommend utility and related rate changes. The public services committee is mandated by ordinance to perform operational reviews of the public works department and to suggest changes in the department’s performance with better effectiveness and efficiency as the goal.

Committee Members

  • Jennifer Warren, Chair
  • S. J. Morrison
  • Andrea Miracle
  • Staff Liaison, David Sirko (618-692-2328)