Green Thumb Award

2019 Edwardsville Green Thumb Award

It’s time to look around your neighborhood and our City.

Residential, commercial, neighborhood, and public beautification settings will be recognized.  Enjoy and appreciate the landscaping/gardening projects you have admired in our City, and nominate those properties for a Green Thumb Award!  The awards program is an easy and fun way to demonstrate neighborhood and civic pride.

Nominating someone for a Green Thumb Award…

Anyone maintaining property within Edwardsville city limits is eligible for an award.  Nominations may be submitted by anyone regardless of their residency.  Self-applications are encouraged.  Members of the Beautification and Tree Commission and Green Thumb Award Committee are not eligible.  The Green Thumb Award Committee will take into consideration the character of the nomination submitted (i.e. a homeowner maintained garden, a professionally designed and maintained garden, a volunteer maintained garden).


2018 Edwardsville Green Thumb Award Recipients

The City of Edwardsville Beautification and Tree Commission announces the 2018 Edwardsville Green Thumb Award Recipients. Each year the residents of Edwardsville who keep the city beautiful with their landscaping and gardening efforts are recognized by the Edwardsville Beautification and Tree Commission. The Green Thumb Award Committee composed of Wilma Jene Bond, Benna Denue, Kim Schoenfeld, and chair Zyann Kinney select outstanding properties to be honored with the Green Thumb Award. This year the nominated properties were photographed by Gary Denue. Recipients of the award receive a letter of congratulations and a certificate from Mayor Patton as well as a sign posted on their property for one month. Twelve Green Thumb Awards were presented with ten residential, one civic/neighborhood, and one business/commercial properties.

Green Thumb Awards 2018