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  1. Boards/Committees/Commissions Application Form

    Thank you for your willingness to serve our community. Please complete the application below to be considered for appointment to a City... More…

  2. Spring Banner Program

    The City of Edwardsville is inviting residents to help us recognize and honor those who contribute to our community in an essential and... More…

  1. Spotlight Edwardsville Video nomination

    Mayor Art Risavy appreciates and values the various aspects that make Edwardsville the vibrant community it is today. In an effort to... More…

City Clerk

  1. Business Registration - First-Time Business Registration
  2. CityOfEdwardsvilleUtilityDept-TEST

    CityOfEdwardsvilleUtilityDept-TEST Merchant Account 650000010253154

  3. E-BillingRequest

    I (We) the undersigned, hereby make an application to the City of Edwardsville ''City'' for water service, sewer service, and trash... More…

  4. Rental Property Registration E-Payment
  1. Business Registration - Renewing Business
  2. cp test
  3. FOIA Request Form
  4. Water, Sewer & Trash Service Application

    I (We) the undersigned, hereby make an application to the City of Edwardsville (''City'') for water service, sewer service and trash... More…


  1. 2024 Business Forecast Breakfast

    2024 Business Forecast Breakfast Envision Edwardsville 2044 March 5, 2024 Leclaire Room at N.O. Nelson Campus of Lewis and Clark... More…

  2. Commercial Building Improvement Program Application

    The City wishes to encourage OWNER/LESSEES to update existing structures to new building codes as it pertains to improved safety. The... More…

  1. Application for Special Events Grant 2024-25
  2. Commercial Building Improvement Program Application (printable)

    The City wishes to encourage OWNER/LESSEES to update existing structures to new building codes as it pertains to improved safety. The... More…

Fire Department-PUBLIC

  1. Start With the Heart CPR Classes

    A series of free CPR classes to teach the basic skills for this life-saving technique and other key information.

IT and Communication(public)

  1. Basic Technology HelpDesk Request

    Basic Technology HelpDesk request for desktop and network assistance.

  2. Employee Excellence Award

    Mayor Art Risavy wishes to recognize City of Edwardsville Employees who have served the City in an exceptional manner by exemplifying... More…

  1. Donation-General community need
  2. Mayor's Excellence in Edwardsville Recognition

    Mayor Art Risavy wishes to recognize residents whose generous efforts, contributions, and achievements foster and enhance civic pride... More…

Parks & Recreation



  3. Rookie League

    Rookie League Days/Times

  4. RP Lumber Center Private Ice Rental

    Inquires about private ice rental at RPLC

  5. Sports Free Agent Application

    If you are looking for an adult league team, we will try to help you find one. Fill out this form and we will let people know you are... More…

  6. Volunteer Application

    The Special Events Volunteers are here to help support festivals, concerts, special events or other activities. Thank you for your... More…



  2. Paws in the Park - Puppy Registration

    Registration for dogs for Paws in the Park Easter Egg Hunt on Saturday, March 30 from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. in City Park. Registration... More…

  3. RP Lumber Center Birthday Party

    Inquiry for birthday party request

  4. RPLC private lesson inquiry

    Private lesson interest

  5. Vendor Application - Paws in the Park

    Paws in the Park Easter Egg Hunt will be held Saturday, March 30, 2024 at 11:00 a.m. at City Park. We are looking for vendors who... More…

Planning and Zoning

  1. Keep in Touch

    Are you interested in being a part of the Conversation about Affordable Housing? If so, please leave your name and email address and... More…

  1. Share a Story

    Do you have a personal experience about affordable housing that you'd like to share? Please submit it below. All data collected will... More…


  1. Adopt A Highway Interest Form

    Complete this form if your organization is interested in being an Adopt a Highway volunteer team in Edwardsville.

  2. BASSET Class Registration Form

    Form used to sign up for BASSET class.

  3. City Of Edwardsville "Block Party" Application

    The Edwardsville Police “BLOCK PARTY” (EVENT) application used per City Code Chapter 114-113 for Neighborhood Social Activities Only.... More…

  4. Police Candidate Interest Form

    Form completed by subjects interested in applying for police officer.

  5. Private Video Surveillance Registration Program

    The Edwardsville Police Department would like the public's help in fighting crime by taking part in a voluntary Private Video... More…

  6. Vacation Extra Patrol Request

    Complete this form for vacation extra patrol requests.

  1. BASSET Class Cancellation

    Form used to cancel BASSET class.

  2. Citizens Police Academy Application

    The Edwardsville Police Department's Citizens Police Academy offers participants insight into day-to-day law enforcement activities and... More…

  3. HOA Contact Information Form

    This form is used to provide the Edwardsville Police Department with Home Owners Association contact data.

  4. Private Video Surveillance Registration Cancelation Form

    Please utilize this form in the event that you would like to have your video system removed from the Edwardsville Police Department's... More…

  5. Tow Release (from tow yard)

    Form for tow company to complete once vehicle has been released to owner and is off their lot.

Public Works

  1. Cross Connection Control Survey
  2. Large Trash Item Pickup Request

    City of Edwardsville residents can schedule up to four household large item pickups per calendar year at no extra charge. Schedule your... More…

  3. Request Rental Inspection

    Rental inspection request

  1. Detention Basin Ownership Registration

    Update Contact Information

  2. Report a Property Maintenance Issue

    Report a Property Maintenance issue

  3. Vacant Structure Registration Certificate ePayment

    Ordinance establishing regulations governing the registration, maintenance, security, and monitoring of vacant structures and... More…