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Vacant Structure Registration Certificate ePayment

  1. Type of Registration*
  2. ex: (612) 555-1234
  3. Name of Person(s) Authorized to be present in the structure per Section 18-454(6)
  4. Proof of Insurance Attached Sec 18-457 Required Liability Insurance
  5. Attach scanned pdf document.
  6. Type of Structure
    Minimum Liability Insurance Amount: Residential properties of one or two units $250,000.00; Residential Properties of three or more units $500,000.00; Commercial, manufacturing, storage or any nonresidential property $1,000,000.00
  7. City Utility Bills: Section 118-98(a) of the City's Codified Ordinances states that the occupant shall be primarily responsible for payment for utility service (water, sewer, and trash) at such premises; however, the owner of the premises shall be responsible for payment for the service if the occupant fails to pay. Such service is furnished to the premises by the city only upon the condition that the occupant of the premises shall be liable therefore to the city. I certify that I am aware of the City’s Building Safety codes and Zoning (occupancy) codes and the legal ramifications for knowingly violating said codes. I acknowledge that I am responsible for delinquent utility bills due to the City of Edwardsville for the property.
  8. Vacant Registration Fee
    6 month Registration Fee
  9. Price
  10. Late Registration Fee
    Late Registration Fee
  11. Price
  12. Registration received after (6) month period.

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