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Commercial Building Improvement Program Application

  1. All applications must be approved before the commencement of the commercial building improvement.

  2. PART A:
  4. Applicant is:*

    Check both if applicable

  5. PART B:
  7. PART C:
  9. Please provide the following information for all activities that will occur on your improvement:
  10. PART D:
  12. The applicant certifies that all information contained in this application, including the documents and attachments, is true to the best of his/her knowledge and belief, and is submitted for the purpose of obtaining financial assistance from the City of Edwardsville. I (We) also authorize the City of Edwardsville to obtain any information that may have a bearing on this application. 

  13. PART E:
  15. PART F:
  16. GRANT AGREEMENT (to be printed and completed upon execution)
  17. This Agreement, entered into this ______ day of ________________________________________

    Between the City of Edwardsville, Illinois (hereinafter referred to as “City” and the following designated OWNERS/LESSEE, to witness

    Owner Name:  ________________________________________________

    Lessee Name:  _______________________________________________

    Name of Business:  _____________________________________________

    Tax ID#: ______________________________________________________

    Address of property to be improved:




    WHEREAS, the City Council of the City of Edwardsville (“City”) wishes to adopt an ordinance to establish a Commercial Building Improvement Program for the City; and 

    WHEREAS, the City of Edwardsville understands the benefits of updating existing structures to new building codes for the safety of all citizens and also wishes to encourage the full participation of all citizens to have access to established buildings; and 

    WHEREAS, the City of Edwardsville agrees to reimburse, subject to the sole discretion of the OWNER/LESSEES, costs associated with improvements to an established commercial building for updating the structure to new building codes as it pertains to improved safety and for retrofitting commercial buildings to comply with the Illinois Accessibility Code.  

    NOW THEREFORE, BE IT ORDAINED by the City Council of the City of Edwardsville, Illinois that it approves establishing the Commercial Building Improvement Program as a program to provide financial support to Businesses and property owners to update their existing structures/businesses to current building codes as it pertains to improved safety and to improve access as defined in the Illinois Accessibility Code and is as follows:


    Reimbursement will be limited to 25 percent of the documented cost of the commercial building improvements, not to exceed $25,000 on any one project, whichever is less.

    The total reimbursement amount per this Agreement shall not exceed $____________ for commercial building improvements.  The improvement costs, which are eligible for City reimbursement, include all labor, material, equipment, and other contract items necessary for the proper execution of the work as shown on the plans, design drawings, specifications, and estimates approved by the City. Such plans, design drawings, specifications, and estimates are attached hereto as EXHIBIT A.


    No improvement work shall be undertaken until the design has been submitted to and approved by the City.  Following approval, the OWNER/LESSEE shall contract for the work and shall commence and complete all such work within one hundred eighty (180) days.  The OWNER/LESSEE may request a ninety-day (90) extension provided if there is demonstrated hardship.


    Upon completion of the improvement and upon final inspection, the OWNER/LESSEE shall submit to the City the contractor’s invoice showing the full cost of the work as well as each separate component amount due to the contractor and each and every subcontractor involved in furnishing labor, materials, or equipment necessary to complete the commercial building improvement related work.  In addition, the OWNER/LESSEE shall submit to the City proof of payment of the contract cost pursuant to the contractor’s statement and subcontractors.  The OWNER/LESSEE shall submit to the City a copy of the architect’s statement of fees for professional services for preparation of plans and specifications of the commercial building improvements.  The City shall, within forty-five (45) days of receipt of the contractor's invoice, proof of payment, and the architect’s statement, issue a check to the OWNER/LESSEE as reimbursement for the grant amount.



    PASSED this ____ day of _______________, pursuant to a roll call vote as follows:





    APPROVED by me this _______ day of _______________.

    BY: ____________________________________ 

    Art Risavy, Mayor, City of Edwardsville, Illinois 


    Filed in my office this ______ day of _______________. 

    BY: __________________________ 

    Michelle Boyer, City Clerk, City of Edwardsville, Illinois

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