Property Maintenance

The City of Edwardsville desires to preserve the quality of it's housing and protect it's residents and neighborhoods from deterioration, which threatens the health, safety, and welfare of the entire community by providing a comprehensive property maintenance code. One of the biggest investments you will make is the purchase of your home. Properly maintained homes and neighborhoods can protect you and your family from unnecessary decreasing property values or hazardous conditions.

The Property Maintenance Code is a nationally recognized standard in which the City can regulate the minimum health and safety requirements for existing buildings, structures, and property. To provide guidance for inspections, the City of Edwardsville has adopted the 2006 International Property Maintenance Code, which establishes standards for the upkeep of neighborhoods and prevents public nuisances such as accumulation of trash, high weeds, and derelict vehicles. 

Property owners in violation of the property maintenance code will be notified in writing of the reasons for violation and given a reasonable time period in which to comply. These standards are based upon the community’s desires to maintain the high quality of living in the City of Edwardsville.

The City wants to ensure that all residential and non-residential properties are maintained and meet the minimum requirements of the Property Maintenance Code.

Please contact our office at 618-692-2331, email  at, or complete the online Property Maintenance Form with questions or concerns.  

  1. Denise Thibault

    Rental/Vacant and Property Maintenance Coordinator

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