Registration Specifics

Registration Requirements

This program requires the mandatory registration and payment of a fee for all vacant structures and properties in the City limits of Edwardsville. View our fees and insurance page for more.

Required Information for the Registration Form

  1. Application by the owner of a vacant structure for a vacant structure certificate shall be made on the registration form (PDF) or Online Vacant Registration provided by the Public Works Department.
  2. The application shall include a “statement of intent” which will set forth information as to:
    1. Expected period of vacancy (including the date of initial vacancy)
    2. Plan and timeline for regular maintenance during the vacancy
    3. Plan and timeline for the lawful occupancy, rehabilitation, removal or demolition of the structure
    4. Measures/plans and timelines to be taken to ensure that the structure will be kept weather tight and secure from trespassers and that it will be safe for entry by police officers, firefighters and code or building inspectors in time of exigent circumstances or emergency as well as at times of reasonable inspection
    5. Measures and timeline to be taken to assure that the premises remain free from nuisance conditions and in good order in conformance with the vacant structure maintenance standards; and
    6. All persons authorized to be present in the structure and provide notices of trespass to the police authorizing the arrest for trespass of individuals not on the list. (The owner shall update the authorized person list as needed.)

A Registration Form (PDF) is available for your completion. Please attach a copy of your applicable Liability Insurance and mail to:
200 East Park Street
Edwardsville, IL 62025