Vacant Structure Registration

Vacant Property & Structure Program Purpose

The City of Edwardsville adopted an Ordinance establishing regulations governing the registration, maintenance, security, and monitoring of vacant structures and properties by their owners. The registration of vacant structures and properties and the implementation of maintenance and monitoring plans will help encourage property owners to properly maintain the structure and property.

The Vacant Structure Program will improve the social and economic health of the City of Edwardsville by preventing these properties from becoming a burden to the residents and tax payers of the City of Edwardsville and provide momentum for returning these properties to their intended use and to the tax rolls.

The abatement of nuisances caused by vacant structures and properties, the repair and rehabilitation of vacant structures and properties with a subsequent occupancy is in the best interests of the citizens of the City.

Effective Date

This program was approved by the City Council with an effective date of December 16, 2014.

Register Your Vacant Property

Within thirty (30) days of a structure becoming vacant, the owner shall apply for a Vacant Structure Registration Certificate, provide Proof of Insurance, and pay a Vacant Structure Registration fee of $25.00. If the structure is still vacant at the time of the (6) six-month period expiration, the owner shall immediately apply to renew the certificate to avoid a Late Registration Fee of $75.00

Renewed permits shall be subject to all conditions provided within the adopted Vacant Structure Ordinance.

Sec. 18-456 Vacant Structure Registration Certificate Fees.

Registration each (6) months$25.00
Late Registration Fee$75.00
Non-compliancePossible citation through Municipal Court

Register your Vacant structure here Vacant-Structure-Registration-Certificate

Request for Waiver

Any owner of a vacant residential property of one or two units, who is a natural person with insufficient income or resources to fulfill all of the obligations imposed herein, may petition the City for a waiver (PDF) of the registration or re-registration fee, a reduction of the minimum amount of liability insurance, and/or a waiver of some or all of the property rehabilitation requirements (hereinafter “financial requirements”) under this ordinance. Application for a waiver of financial requirements shall be in writing on forms provided by the City.

The decision of the City Administrator, to be made within fourteen (14) days of receiving the petition, shall be made in writing and shall forthwith be mailed or delivered to the petitioner. An appeal of the decision may be made to the City Council, in writing, within fourteen (14) days of the mailing or delivery of the decision. Individuals who are granted a waiver under this Section are still obligated to keep the registered property secure and safe, and the exterior property areas free from debris, with grass regularly mowed.