Transportation & Connectivity

Governors Parkway Looking WestEdwardsville offers connections that other areas can only dream of. The city sits at the nexus of Interstates 270 and 55, and State Highway 255, a two-lane, interstate-grade highway. And, with St. Louis only about 30 minutes away, businesses in Edwardsville enjoy easy access to a huge labor force and consumer base in addition to endless logistical options that offer some of the lowest shipping costs in the country.

The state and interstate highway network in and around Edwardsville provides easy access to the almost 3 million people – including a workforce of 1.5 million – who live less than an hour’s drive away.

Getting in and around Edwardsville in any direction is fast and easy via a Downtown Edwardsville Looking Northwest
network of state highways and Governor’s Parkway – a three-lane arterial route connecting State Highway 143 and the I-55 Corridor on the east side with Highway 159 on the west side. The north side of Edwardsville is also easily accessible via State Highways 143 and 157.

Trucks can be on an interstate highway from anywhere in the city within minutes. Distribution and fulfillment centers, manufacturers, and other industries can move materials and products quickly and conveniently by road to several nearby locations, which offer additional options for shipping by air, rail, and river, including:

  • Two major airports located in St. Louis are less than 30 miles away
  • The Norfolk Southern Railroad
  • The Triple Crown Intermodal facility, less than 10 miles away
  • America’s Central Port, located on the Mississippi River, is less than half an hour away.

Transportation Map.