City Administrator

                What an exciting year for the City of Edwardsville!  Over the last few months, our management team has developed a balanced budget for the FY19/20 General Fund with revenue estimated at $18,384,993 and proposed expenditures estimated at $18,362,081.  The budget reflects a 4.18% increase from the previous fiscal year.  Additionally, a Capital Budget of nearly $400,000 was developed to purchase new equipment, new vehicles, and many technical improvements for the City.  Finally, the budget for our other Major Funds that support streets, parks, the historic Wildey Theater, the Edwardsville Public Library, water and sewer utilities, and the new Plummer Family Park is proposed at $51,527,992.

                Revenue for the General Fund is primarily derived from various taxes (25%) and intergovernmental sources, which compromises the largest part of the revenue at 60.1%.  We anticipate receiving $6,592,000 from Municipal Sales tax and $2,607,175 from the City’s share of Income taxes.

                The General Fund expenditures provide funding for the operations of our City departments – Administration, Legal, Clerk, Treasurer, Collector, Human Resources, Economic Development, Parks & Recreation, Police, Fire/EMS, Public Works, and Information Technology.  Wages and benefits collectively comprise 74% of the total expenditures supporting 10 elected officials, 141 full time employees, and 10 part time employees.  Three additional personnel positions were added in Public Works (an Assistant City Planner, a Project Engineer, and a Building & Grounds Supervisor).

                The Capital Budget recommended $395,000 in expenditures for new police patrol cars, a new ¾ ton truck for Public Works, a new employee time tracking system, numerous PC replacements and Microsoft Office upgrades, a document management and archiving system, several mobile radios and two new sets of electric/hydraulic rescue tools for the Fire Department, and a new 50 HP tractor for Parks and Recreation.  An additional $322,000 was allocated from our other Major Funds including Annexation, DUI, Mobile Intensive Care, and State Forfeiture Funds to purchase additional two police cars, a new community service officer vehicle, a single axle dump truck for Public Works, StarCom radios for the Police Department, and updated monitor/defibrillators for Fire/EMS.  Finally, the purchase of a new fire truck is funded at a cost of $799,400 from the Capital Equipment Acquisition Fund.

                I want to personally thank the Finance Committee, chaired by Alderman     Craig Louer (Ward 6) and his committee members, Alderman Jack Burns (Ward 2) and Alderman Chris Farrar (Ward 1).  Their personal attention and long hours ensured we developed a fiscally responsible budget for the residents of Edwardsville.

                Edwardsville is a growing city that prides itself on providing a safe community with full time Fire and Police Departments.  Our Public Works department is dedicated to providing clean water and secure infrastructure, overseen by top-notch engineers and city planners.  The Parks and Recreation Department is working to make Edwardsville the crown jewel of “A Better Place to Play”.  Our administrative staff works diligently to ensure our City runs smoothly.  We are fortunate to have a Mayor with a vision for Edwardsville that is focused on creating a vibrant business climate, protecting property values, and keeping taxes low, all while preserving and improving the quality of life in our Community.  Finally, thank you to our seven Aldermen who volunteer many hours to ensure Edwardsville is the best city in the Metro East.

- Kevin Head, City Administrator