Exhibit A

Municipal Information Directory

The City of Edwardsville, Madison County, Illinois

The City of Edwardsville, Madison County, Illinois is a municipality incorporated and organized under the laws of the State of Illinois for the purpose of providing its residents with the following services:

A. Police Protection and Law Enforcement Services

B. Fire Protection and Emergency Medical Service

C. Public Works Services:

1. Sewer and Water Services

2. Streets Repair and Maintenance Services

3. Planning and Zoning Administration and Enforcement

4. Building Regulation and Codes Enforcement

D. Refuse/Garbage Collection and Recycling Service

E. Municipal Parks and Recreation Facilities and Programs

F.  Municipal Government-Education Television Service

G. The Municipality’s Records Retention and Utility Billing Services

H. Municipal Band

I. Public Library

J. City Attorney / Corporation Counsel

K. Human Resources Department primarily for internal use of city government

L. A seven-member board of aldermen (city council) representing the seven wards of the corporate limits

M. Executive offices of the Mayor and the City Administrator who is appointed by the mayor

N Various boards and commissions some of which are required by law

The City of Edwardsville has certain functional subdivisions which are shown on Table 1 attached hereto. The amount of the operating budget of the City of Edwardsville is available from the City Clerk and the Office of Mayor and Administrator.  The City of Edwardsville’s offices and facilities are located at the following locations:

  • City Hall, 118 Hillsboro Avenue
  • Public Safety Building, 333 S. Main Street
  • Police Department, 333 S. Main Street 
  • Fire and EMS Department (Including Emergency Management), 333 S. Main Street 
  • Fire Department Engine House No. 2, Montclaire at Lindenwood Avenues
  • Public Works Building, 200 E. Park Street
  • Public Library, 112 S. Kansas Street
  • Public Works and Parks Maintenance Facilities, Schiller and M Streets

The City currently employs approximately 200 full- and part-time employees, not including the municipal band that lists approximately 100 musicians as members.

A listing of the names of the members of boards, commissions and committees of the City of Edwardsville is available under the Board, Committees and Commissions portion of this website.