Tent Permits

The fire department inspects and approves public tent permits for all tents larger than 10 feet by 10 feet.

Fireworks Display Permits

The fire department inspects and approves public firework display permits.

Open Burning Permits

One of the most frequent questions asked of the Edwardsville Fire Department concerns open burning. The City bans burning of leaves and other landscape waste and trash. The ban was necessary to protect the City’s air quality, especially for those most susceptible to pollutants: the very young, the elderly and those with respiratory medical conditions.

Special Permit for Clearing / Burning Ground

One exception to this ordinance is for contractors clearing ground for a new development. In this case, the contractor must obtain a special permit from the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency (IEPA) for open burning. The contractor must agree to strict burning regulations, including moving the timbers into a pre-formed ditch and providing mechanical air curtains. These fires burn very fast and hot, and are relatively free of pollutants.

Recreational Fires

Individuals may have small recreational fires, either in an approved burn container or in a small pile well away from combustibles. These recreational fires must utilize wood that is dry and that will not create noxious odors. No permit is required for recreational fires, but residents should understand that failure to abide by the limitations in the ordinance could result in a city fine. More often than not, these fines are a direct result of a neighbor’s complaint.

Bonfire Requests

Some special events also include bonfires. Contact the Edwardsville Fire Department regarding these requests at 618-692-7540 or 618-692-7541.