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City Of Edwardsville "Block Party" Application

  1. The Edwardsville Police “BLOCK PARTY” (EVENT) application used per City Code Chapter 114-113 for Neighborhood Social Activities Only. *Due 5 business days prior to event*
  2. Do you intend to serve alcohol?
  3. Do you intend to offer any products/services for sale?
  4. Will a food truck(s) be invited to the event?
  5. Do any affected residents object?
  6. Person Making Application:
  7. RESTRICTIONS: A “block party” (event) permit may be recalled by the Department of Police due to any weather conditions, violation of this or other ordinances, or other reasons relative to general public safety. “Block party” organizers must procure approved barricades from the Department of Public Works (692-7535) or another source. Barricade placements will be subject to approval of police authorities. Tables and other objects should be placed so as to provide a fire/EMS lane. *Organizers are encouraged to consider insurance needs relative to “block parties” and special events. *
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