Yard Signs

The City of Edwardsville's Planning Department monitors the placement of yard signs throughout the community.  When placing signs in your yard, remember that they CANNOT be placed in the public right-of-way.  They must be placed on private property.  Signs that are placed in right-of-way will removed by the City. 

What is the public right-of-way?

A public right-of-way is land that is owned by the City and often contains:

  • Utility Poles
  • Utility Boxes
  • Fire Hydrants
  • Sidewalks
  • Curbs
  • Street Signs
  • Stop Signs
  • Traffic Signals

Where can I put signs?

 All yard signs should be placed on the private property side of the property line.  This is the building side.  Sometimes the property line may be 10-15 feet or more from the edge of the street pavement.   Look for these important cues to locate the property line and the right-of-way so you can place your sign appropriately.

Please use the image on the back of this flyer as a tool to identify the public right-of-way and keep your signs on private property.

An excerpt from the City's Sign Code: 

  1. Such signs must be placed outside designated street rights-of-way, trail rights-of-way, or designated easements.
  2. All signs shall be confined to private property.
  3. In any residental district, political campigns signs shall not exceed 16 square feet in area.
  4. In other districts, such signs shall not exceed 32 square feet.
  5. Not more than one political campaign sign per individual candidate and/or political issue shall be permitted per lot or site area.
  6. In no instance shall any political campaign sign be located closer than ten feet from any city road pavement edge or within designated right-of-way or as otherwise prohibited pursuant to county, state or federal law, statute or regulation.
  7. Any signs constituting a hazard to traffic safety or the community shall be removed or relocated immediately as directed by the administrator. 

What happens if my signs are placed in right-of-way?

City staff continually monitor signs and will pull them if they are placed in right-of-way.  


If you have questions, please contact the Planning Division of the Department of Public Works at: planning@cityofedwardsville.com or (618) 692-7535.

Can you spot the sign that is placed correctly?

Right of Way Image2

Right of Way Image1