Snow Plows & Winter Weather

When Snow Plows Are Deployed...

Level One Deployment

  • Level one deployment is considered for snow and ice events where accumulation is small and no other storms are expected.
  • Selected locations such as overpasses, bridges and shaded areas are treated with a brine solution as needed.
  • Full deployment of snow teams is not typical at this level of storm. Deployment occurs as needed, and the primary purpose is to salt or de-ice specific locations with accumulation or areas that have been reported by the Communication Center, Risk Management or residents.
  • Staff included in the Operations Division's on-call list is deployed for this level of operation.

Level Two Deployment

  • Level two deployment is considered for snow events with accumulations of zero to six inches with the possibility of contiguous storms.
  • Operations will consist of plowing, and de-icing along the identified snow routes.
  • Fleet Maintenance mechanics are in place placed to ensure the plow truck fleet remains operational.
  • Limited and/or targeted snow removal operations are possible along the downtown area and school zones based upon conditions.

Level Three Deployment

  • Level three deployments are considered for snow accumulations of six inches or greater regardless of single or multiple storm predictions.
  • Entire snow team is called for duty.
  • Fleet mechanics will be called in for duty to immediately address equipment problems.
  • City staff providing back-up to snow and ice operations may be used.
  • Private contractors may be contacted to assist City crews.
  • Plowing priority will be given to the continuation of critical City services including emergency response needs, trash, water, electric, etc.


Every snow and ice event is unique. The City of Edwardsville works very hard to maintain safe passage of the City streets during a snow / ice event. Some level of understanding, patience and cooperation is necessary from the City as well as its residents to execute a successful road clearing operation. Educating yourself on the policies and procedures for snow and ice removal will eliminate some questions and relieve frustration during these challenging situations. Although we would like to be everywhere at once, it is impossible.

Exercising patience and understanding will allow City crews to focus on the task at hand which is maintaining a safe environment for the residents of the City of Edwardsville.