Do I have to clear sidewalks around my home or business?

Snow should not remain on any sidewalk along any lot, house or building within the city for over a period of 24 hours. During major snow storms officials will be lenient regarding enforcement of the snow removal ordinance and sidewalks should be cleared as soon as possible. Listed below are the ordinances regarding snow removal:

  • Section 74-114 - Removal from sidewalks abutting multifamily dwellings.
  • Section 74-115 - Removal from sidewalks abutting businesses.
  • Section 74-116 - Removal from private parking lots.
  • Section 74-117 - Snow Deposits
  • Section 74-118 - Failure to remove snow or ice
  • Section 74-119 - Exemptions
  • Section 74-120 - Removal in other areas

These ordinances can be found on the Municipal Code site.

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