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Race Relations and Equality in Edwardsville

  1. The City of Edwardsville has organized a committee to listen to, educate, and engage our community in a discussion of race relations and equality within our city. Committee members include John Cunningham, President of the Edwardsville NAACP; Jean O'Brien, owner of New Leaf Counseling, a mental health and trauma counseling practice; Brittany Johnson, editor of the Edwardsville Intelligencer; and Mayor Hal Patton.

  2. The Committee’s mission is to:

  3. (1) Listen to Edwardsville residents, employees of Edwardsville businesses, and other interested parties to identify racial inequities in policies, procedures, and/or the systemic implementation within City administration of services or within other aspects of our community and recommend appropriate corrections to improve equality for all.

  4. (2) Encourage and assist with the implementation of anti-racism educational programs within our community and schools and to educate our community on the realities of racism and its remedies.

  5. (3) Increase resident engagement in community equality activities at all levels of political participation and develop a permanent committee to oversee the City’s implementation of equality recommendations, re-evaluate and address ongoing inequities, and continue to implement educational programming.

  6. This survey seeks to identify racial inequalities within our community and to determine what changes are needed to improve race-relations within Edwardsville.

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  8. I believe sufficient housing that meets the needs of all its residents is available in the City of Edwardsville.

  9. I believe Edwardsville schools (private or public) provide an adequate education for our children?

  10. I believe the City of Edwardsville provides adequate services to all of its residents.

  11. Which city services are inadequate?

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  12. Which city services are adequate?

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  13. I feel safe in Edwardsville?

  14. Which of the following City services are available to individuals of all ethnicities?

  15. Which areas do believe the city of Edwardsville does not have adequate minority representation?

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  16. How would you describe race relations in the city of Edwardsville?

  17. I would become more active in advancing racial equity if

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  18. I believe the City of Edwardsville pay attention to race relations and inequities?

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