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  1. We first want to thank you for coming here and being open to reporting the discrimination that you experienced in our community. We would like to do our part to make our community feel like home to everyone who lives here or simply passing through. .

  2. All the information below will be confidential. All fields below are optional, but the more info you can give us the better we can address the situation.

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    Round Table Recommendations for Equality and Race Relations

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  5. John Cunningham

    Former educator in Alton, has held leadership roles in many organizations, married, and is the current President of the Edwardsville branch of the NAACP. Has worked to educate youth about the challenges facing them in regards to race relations (is a wealth of history). Wants to increase the participation of minorities in government roles in the community. Wants people to talk about the taboos of religion, politics, race, and economic opportunities. Murder is when acute racism is noticed as systemic. Cultural education and cultural understanding need to be improved.

  6. Brittany Johnson

    Editor for the Edwardsville Intelligencer, originally from Hazelwood with newspaper experience in Alton before moving to the “I” in October of 2018. Talked about the acute vs chronic examples of racism. Believes we have a good community but examples of acute racism are still here. Agreed that our focus needs to be local because of the many levels of policing being too much for us to control. Believes the media can be a tool to educate the public.

  7. Jean O’Brien

    Owner of New Leaf Counseling, specializes in mental health and trauma counseling. Participated in the City of Edwardsville’s Public Safety Task Force. Married with three children. Wants to establish a local website for people to share stories of racism and inequalities, looking for repetitive areas of concern. Listening needs to be a significant part of our process, in multiple formats to encourage sharing of experiences of racism (all ages and particularly would like youth involvement)

  8. Hal Patton

    Nearly 20 years in community service, 26 years as small business (healthcare) owner, lifelong resident, married with three children. Main concern was the lack of systems in place in Edwardsville to evaluate conditions pertaining to racial inequity and inequality. Wants to work on these systems as it pertains to city government and citywide statistics.

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