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Race Relations and Equality Survey in Edwardsville, IL - 2023

  1. This survey is the work of the Edwardsville Human Relations Committee, a group of volunteer residents helping guide the City's race and equality initiatives.

    This survey is likely to take 5-10 minutes to complete.  Thank you in advance for your time.

    Survey is open:  January 10th - February 17th

  2. I believe sufficient housing that meets the needs of all its residents is available in the City of Edwardsville.
  3. I believe Edwardsville schools (private or public) provide an adequate education for our children.
  4. I believe the City of Edwardsville provides adequate services to all of its residents.
  5. I am served well by the following City Departments:

    Mark ALL that apply

  6. I feel safe in Edwardsville.
  7. Which areas do you believe the City of Edwardsville DOES NOT have adequate minority representation?

    Mark ALL that apply

  8. How would you describe race relations in the City of Edwardsville?
  9. I would become more active in advancing racial equity if

    Mark ALL that apply

  10. I believe that the City of Edwardsville pays attention to race relations and inequities.
  11. Did you participate in the initial 2020 Race Relations & Equity Survey?
  12. What city do you live in?*
  13. On behalf of the Human Relations Committee of Edwardsville, THANK YOU for completing the 2023 Race Relations and Equality Survey.
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