Spotlight Edwardsville

Mayor Art Risavy appreciates and values the various aspects that make Edwardsville the vibrant community it is today.  In an effort to shine light and learn more about our local businesses, organizations, volunteer groups and churches throughout Edwardsville, he is seeking input from the community in order to Spotlight Edwardsville through a series of short videos.  The City’s first Spotlight Edwardsville video features Nancy and Scott Schneider, owners of the Chef’s Shoppe. 


The first and subsequent Spotlight Edwardsville videos can be viewed here, Facebook page, and Instagram.  A short video will be posted on Facebook and Instagram with those viewing invited to click on a link in order to learn more about the featured Edwardsville business, organization, volunteer group, or church.


If you would like to nominate a local business, organization, volunteer group, or church to be featured in an episode of Spotlight Edwardsville,  please fill out the this form.  All nominations received will be randomly selected to appear in an episode of Spotlight Edwardsville.  

Spotlight Edwardsville Chef's Shoppe

Spotlight - Chef's Shoppe 

We are launching Spotlight Edwardsville with a visit to the Chef's Shoppe. For over 20 Years, Chef’s Shoppe has been bringing, fun, flavor and quality into your kitchens. We believe that preparing a delicious meal can be easy and enjoyable with the right tools. That the kitchen is a creative space to reconnect and make memories with friends and family. And that the dinner table can reflect your unique style and sensibility to still bring people together in a meaningful way…not to mention, fill some bellies with meals made with love and the finest ingredients. To learn more about them watch our video and visit

Spotlight -  222 Artisan Bakery

Our second installment of Spotlight Edwardsville is on 222 Artisan Bakery. The Mayor and crew spent some time learning about 222's behind-the-counter processes including their craft of making amazing pizzas, bagels, and mouthwatering pastries.. More importantly, we got to hear from co-owners Kimberli Goodner and Trevor Taynor, who shared their story about this downtown Edwardsville bakery.  To learn more about them watch our video and visit