Children's Art in the Park

Arts in the Park provides a unique & vibrant arts experience for children.  For children to do art in park gives them the opportunity to play and experiment while observing the world around them.  They get to collaborate, solve problems, and explore a variety of materials and techniques. The teachers, who are practicing artists and art educators, collaborate in developing the summer program and teaching individual classes.  

Because the art classes are formatted to allow kids to work at their own pace, they are suitable for kids 4 years to 10 years old. However, If a parent wants to help their 3 year old make art or if a 12-year-old wants to participate, they are certainly welcome.

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2020 Virtual Session Videos Below

  1. Session 1 - Sketchbook/Journal
  2. Session 2 - Drawing & Sculpture
  3. Session 3 - Landscape Drawing & Painting
  4. Session 4 - Clay & Collage
  5. Session 5 - Fibers