Phase 3: R-3 and I-55 Corridor

It is anticipated that the I-55 Corridor will experience considerable growth and development over the next several years and decades. As a result, the City has developed plans and policies to guide this future growth. The I-55 Development Code provides detailed form based and use elements to govern this area. However, recent development proposals have demonstrated a need to develop a more efficient and effective development process while meeting the established vision for the district. The workshops and meetings that will be held on the I-55 Corridor will inform this effort.  

Findings Memo presented to City Council 

Findings from the joint meeting of of the City Council and Plan Commission, as well as other public engagement elements (conversations with area residents, developers, and elected officials), were compiled into one memo and presented to the City Council on July 14, 2020.  The memo, available here, not only identifies findings from the public engagement, but addresses some elements of the I-55 Development Code that will be eliminated and many that will be retained as part of the update process. 

Joint meeting of the  City Council and Plan Commission

On May 18, 2020 at 7:00 p.m. the City Council and the Plan Commission will hold a virtual joint workshop (via Zoom) facilitated by Teska Associates for the purpose of evaluating the current I-55 Development Code and discussing a more streamlined way of achieving the goals set forth in the Code. A Context Memo is available to review and should be used to "set the stage" for this meeting. 

Materials for Review

Context Memo
I-55 Development Code
Official Zoning Map (2020)
Future Land Use Map
Comprehensive Plan