Phase 2: Process Improvement and Design Guidelines

Phase 2 Kickoff Meeting

Phase 2 of the Zoning Code Update will kickoff with a facilitated workshop at a Special Joint Meeting of the City Council, Plan Commission, Zoning Board of Appeals, Historic Preservation Commission, and Zoning Advisory Group. The workshop is open to the public will take place as follows: 

Location: Marquee Room (2nd Floor) of the Wildey Theatre, located at 252 N. Main Street, Edwardsville, IL
Date: Wednesday, April 3, 2019
Time: 6:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m. 

Supplemental Information

Prior to the April 3 Kickoff Meeting, please take a moment to review the City's processes for development, zoning entitlement, and building permits. 

Process Flowcharts

Phase 2: Process Improvement and Design Guidelines 

Phase 2 of the Zoning Code Update will consist of two elements: (1) an evaluation and update of development related processes (e.g. PUD Process, platting procedures, etc.) and (2) an evaluation of design quality throughout the City and the development of design guidelines and/or a design review process for commercial and multi-family properties. The conversation on these topics will be framed around the following questions: 

Development Process Improvements 

  • What aspects of the development process do the different actors (e.g. council, commissions, staff, developers, engineers / architects) find add the most value to the project and the community? 
  • What aspects of the development process do the different actors find add the least value? 
  • In what aspects of the development process do residents and neighboring property owners participate and find the most opportunity for input? 

Design Quality / Design Review 

  • What existing buildings and/or developments are most attractive along commercial corridors? 
  • What makes them attractive (signs, landscaping, architecture, building materials, etc.)? 
  • Where in Edwardsville should design review standards be applied? 
  • How important is building appearance - does it support economic development? 
  • What level of development review is appropriate in preserving character - how much is too much?

The facilitated workshop will generally address the questions and topics described above. Any member of the public who has thoughts on these topics is encouraged to email Emily Fultz directly at or contact her by phone at (618) 692-7535.