Zoning Code Update

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Project Background

In May of 2017, the City hired Teska Associates to review and assess its zoning ordinance. The outcome of this assessment was a suggested update of key areas that would allow for better predictability for developers, City officials, and the community, as well as adding value to the end product by ensuring that all steps in the development process advance the desired outcomes. This strategic update to portions of the zoning ordinance is a result of the 2017 assessment and an effort to develop code sections that more effectively respond to growth and development in the City of Edwardsville.

What is a zoning code? 

A zoning ordinance (also called a zoning code) is an ordinance, or law, that regulates how individual lots with certain districts can be used. Every lot within the City is assigned a zoning classification which, when grouped together, comprise larger zoning districts. The zoning code is the document that regulates the uses allowed within each zoning district, as well as the physical characteristics (e.g. height, setbacks) of buildings within each zoning district.

City of Edwardsville Zoning Map - a map showing zoning districts within the City of Edwardsville
City of Edwardsville Zoning Code - the City of Edwardsville's current zoning ordinance

What is the purpose of this update?

Communities grow and economies change over time, as do trends in development. The purpose of this zoning code update is to advance planning, development, and quality of life objectives within the City. The City Council identified six (6) key topic areas for consideration as part of this update. The strategic update of these areas will result in development regulations that more effectively implement the long term vision identified in the Comprehensive Plan.

What will the process be like?

The zoning code update process will be broken into three (3) phases, each phase consisting of two elements, or topics. It is expected that each phase will take approximately six (6) months to complete, resulting in an eighteen (18) month process. The consultant and city staff will work as a team, each taking the lead on three topics for a shared approach to the project.

Each element will start with Zoning Advisory Group meeting, series of key person interviews, and a community open house to ask for insight and input on the subject elements. Next, staff and the consultant will develop new language for the code. After this new language is prepared, a second meeting of the Zoning Advisory Group and a second open house will take place to obtain additional feedback. Staff and the consultant will make any additional edits to language as necessary, and once consensus on the code amendments is reached, each element will be considered for adoption through the formal zoning amendment hearing process. 

What topic areas will be revised?

Six topic areas will be considered as part of this update: 

1. B-1 Central Business District Zoning (Downtown)
2. B-3 Mixed-Use Business District
3. Design Guidelines for Commercial Areas
4. Development Review and Approval Process
5. New R-3 Zoning District for Multiple Family Dwellings
6. The I-55 Zoning District

Can I be involved?

Yes! Your participation in this process is encouraged. Community input will ensure the development of code elements that support a shared vision for Edwardsville’s future. Information on open house events will be posted on this page, so check back frequently for opportunities to be involved. 

Where can I find more information?

Check this page regularly for updates on events and opportunities to provide feedback. For additional information, contact Steve Stricklan, AICP, City Planner, at: sstricklan@cityofedwardsville.com or 618-692-7535.