City Treasurer

The Office of City Treasurer

While the Office of City Clerk serving as collector may directly receive money from the various individual sources, all collected funds and other income are subject to the inspection of and recorded by the city treasurer. Preparation of checks for payments is done by the clerk’s office staff, but it is the lawful duty of the treasurer to ensure that properly appropriated payments are made when warranted.


The City Treasurer is obligated to provide to the corporate authorities a monthly accounting representing the state of the city treasury. The report requires a specific breakdown of the various accounts and their respective status. Identified in the treasurer’s report are the miscellaneous sources of revenues and expenses including interest income from investments made by the treasurer and interest expenses related to possible loans and bond indebtedness of the municipality.

Responsibilities to Other Offices

The treasurer also more informally serves as a financial advisor to the mayor, council, clerk and administrator in their official capacities. When the annual budget is prepared or special financing projects are being considered, the treasurer will often provide suggested direction and advice.