Utilities Information

Water & Sewer

The City's water distribution system provides water to over 9,000 customers. New customers moving into the City or within the City must sign up for water and sewer service through the Finance Office. To sign up for service please call 618-692-7500 or use our online form. There is a $25 application fee that will be added to your first bill. When moving out of the City of Edwardsville you must give 2 business days of notification to disconnect service.  

Sewer rate and fixed user rate will increase every May 1 by 5%. (See below for rate details.)

The City bills for water, sewer and trash services bimonthly. (For information on waste collection and recycling services, visit here.)

Click here to read the City Water Ordinance.

REMINDER: When it's time to have your irrigation meters shut off for the season, please call the City of Edwardsville at 618-692-7500.  Shutting a meter off yourself is considered tampering with City property, which will result in citation through municipal court.  Thank you for your cooperation.


The City accepts checks, credit cards, money orders or cash. 

  • IN PERSON: You can pay during normal business hours (8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday) at City Hall, 118 Hillsboro Avenue, or any time of day via a deposit drop slot on the east side of City Hall. 
  • BY PHONE: Credit card payments are accepted by telephone at 618-692-7500.
  • AUTOMATED ACCOUNT DEDUCTIONS: You may elect to have your bill automatically deducted from your checking account on the due date by completing this ACH debit transaction form and returning it to our office with a voided check.
  • ONLINE: Online payments are accepted via our website utility E-billing service. Options include Quick Pay for as-needed online payments, or you can set up recurring payments via a credit card or checking account by signing up for an account, which allows you to view usage details and manage multiple accounts and bills, as applicable.

Variable User Rates (as of May 1, 2023)

Gallons In City
Out of City
Water per 1,000 gallons
$8.59 $9.80
Sewer per 1,000 gallons
$8.07 $9.91

Fixed User Charges

Itemized Fees In City
Out of City
Water Meter Charge
$10.76  $16.28
Sewer Use Charge
$21.08 $21.08
Trash $38.52 Not Provided
Grinder Pump (If applicable)

Water Sense Tips

We have tips, suggestions, videos and fixes to help you spot a leak, conserve water and save money! Check it out here.