Madison County Transit Bike Trails

Madison County Transit (MCT) Bike Trails

In the past the City of Edwardsville was a railroad hub with the tracks of several railroad crossings through our borders. Today many of those abandoned lines have become pedestrian and bike trails thanks to the initiative and investments made by MCT. Please come explore the vast array of natural surroundings in your own backyard on the MCT Trails system and experience more than 85 miles of scenic Madison County bikeways.

Whether you bike, walk, rollerblade or jog, the MCT Trails system offers a safe and healthy recreation and transportation option for trailgoers of all ages.

Trail Facts

  • The MCT Trails system was born in the early 1990s, to preserve rail corridors for future light rail possibilities and interim trail use.
  • Since then, more than $15 million in federal and state grants has been secured by MCT to develop this interconnected system of trails.
  • With the addition of bike racks on MCT buses, and bus routes that connect to trails, MCT is the only transit system in the country with an integrated bus and bikeway system.

Recommended Recreation

Grab your helmet, a map, a water bottle, maybe even pack a camera, and begin your adventure on one of the area's richest treasures, the MCT TrailsIf you have any questions or would like more information, visit the trails website.

Happy trails!