Automated Trash Collection

Allied Waste/Republic Services, in conjunction with the City of Edwardsville, initiated the automated garbage collection program, by delivering new, wheeled containers to nearly all residential customers of the community. Automated collection is a system of residential garbage and trash collection that requires special vehicles and containers. The vehicle is equipped with a lifting mechanism that reaches out to the wheeled trash and recycle containers, lifts, empties the contents and returns the container to its original position. The driver controls the entire process from the cab of the vehicle and does not leave the vehicle. After the collection, the resident is responsible for returning the containers to their storage place.


Each customer received a large trash container (95 gallon size) for the usual “kitchen waste, food waste or standard garbage.” A second container of the same size was issued exclusively for recyclables; this receptacle has a yellow lid. There are no special or added costs for the containers and they are delivered to the curb at the customers’ property.


While standard or traditional trash collection will continue on a weekly basis, the recycle containers (yellow lids) will be dumped every-other week. Separating recyclable materials will not be necessary. Download recycling schedules for more information:

Things to Remember

Public cooperation is essential for this or any program to be successful. Therefore, there are several important elements to this program that all customers must remember.

All trash must be bagged, placed inside the waste container, and the lid must be closed. Items must not be stacked on top of the containers. Additional garbage bags left on the curbside will not be picked up. On pick-up days, the container must be placed within 3 feet of the street and at least 5 feet from a mailbox, parked cars, utility poles, the recycling container or other obstacles. The wheels of the containers must generally face the customer’s property (not the street).

Additional Information

Should you have questions, please contact Allied Waste/Republic Services at 618-656-6883, the Public Works Department at 618-692-7535 or the Finance Office at 618-692-7500.