Police Department Information

Mission Statement

It is the mission of the Edwardsville Police Department in cooperation with our community to protect life, property, and the rights of those we serve and to enhance the quality of life for all of our citizens.

The Department of Police is proud to serve a community that has a crime rate which is lower than that of the nation, the State of Illinois, Madison County, and most communities its size.


The corporate authorities have responded to the city’s growth with approval to expand the police operation. There are now forty-five (45) sworn officers among the staff of sixty-two (62) full-time employees. In addition to traditional police services, including participation in the regional undercover drug enforcement group, the department administers an exemplary D.A.R.E program and has four officers assigned full-time to the middle and senior high schools, as school resource officers.

Management of the department is conducted by the Director of Police (Chief), the Deputy Chief (Major), and three Lieutenants. While one of the six sergeants presently supervises the investigative division, another sergeant supervises the School Resource Officer (SRO) program, the other four essentially act as field supervisors in the patrol division. Patrol officers, investigators and SROs all work a twelve-hour, 2184 hours per year shift schedule. Patrol officers work rotating shifts every fifty-six (56) days.


Animal control, parking and general code enforcement are handled by the department’s community services officers, who also assist the sworn staff with some basic police duties. These non-sworn community services officers are under the supervision of the daytime shift commander.


Edwardsville was the first community in the Metro-East area to offer 9-1-1 services when the system was implemented in the 1970’s. This emergency program, staffed by the police department, has since been enhanced throughout the county and complements the full-time firefighting and paramedic operations, which are staffed by the city’s fire department.

The traditions of the department are strong with an exceptionally well-balanced view of the future and all it affords. It is the desire of the men and women of the Edwardsville Police Department to return through commendable service, the same outstanding support that the citizens of this community extend our personnel each day we report for duty.

Tip Line

The tip line is provided by the Edwardsville Police Department as a confidential avenue for reporting information to police on criminal or suspected criminal activity while allowing the caller to remain completely anonymous. The telephone number for the tip line is 618-692-7552.